Will Swanson
Harris, MN

I create stoneware functional pots fashioned by hand and kiln-fired to attain a rich variety of earth-tone surfaces. They are distinguished by their seeming simplicity of design, crafted to produce objects that could be found to have a kind of ‘just right’ appeal that helps them become someone’s favorite mug, bowl, or dinner plate. The forms are wheel-thrown and altered. Many pieces are glazed with carbon trap and shino type glazes that, when layered and fired in an oxygen-reduced kiln atmosphere, produce a somewhat unpredictable variety of surface effects. The subtle glaze effects are the visual mix of tiny iron specks from the stoneware clay body mingling with the pink, gold, and lighter values of the glaze materials as they melt. The reduction firing process results in the surfaces of no two pieces being exactly alike. I appreciate being told that the one-of-a-kind cup that someone obtained from me is reserved for a contemplative cup of tea or is simply their ‘go to’ coffee cup.

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