Jennifer and Tom McCurdy
Vineyard Haven, MA

I use a translucent porcelain body because it has a beautiful surface, and it can convey the qualities of light and shadow that I wish to express.  After I throw my vessel on the potter’s wheel, I alter the form to set up a movement of soft shadow.  When the porcelain is leather hard, I carve patterns to add energy and counterpoint.  I burnish the surface and then I fire my work to cone 10, where the porcelain becomes non-porous and translucent, and one of the hardest surfaces known to man. Some of the finished pieces hold elusive glimpses of the balance between the convex and the concave, and light absorbed and reflected.  In further exploration, I marry the fine porcelain with the ancient art of gilding. The 23-carat gold leaf illumines the interior of the vessel, to reveal new curves and patterns.

ACE Awards:
2010 – Hospital Purchase Award
2017 – Hospital Purchase Award

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