Colleen and Nick Everett
Eagle, CO

Everett Studio

Each porcelain originates without a pre-conceived idea. Surface texture is the foundation for its development. As the work develops, I search for the image to emerge and make itself known.


A master of her craft, her work is in the White House Collection of Contemporary American Craftsmen. Everett was honored by the American Crafts Council as one of the top new craftsmen in 1986.  She has exhibited at the Smithsonian and the Contemporary Crafts Museum in NYC in a group exhibition of teapots. Her work can be found in many corporate and personal collections across the nation and she has been awarded public art commissions in Maryland.

In her studio, she is inspired by an array of color slips and englobes that she makes from recycling the porcelain slop and adding ceramic pigment. The current work are clay paintings. The direction a piece is going is not always clear in the beginning, but the process of developing a satisfactory tactile surface is joy.

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