Victoria Rubinstein
Oak Creek, WI

My lineage as a working artist is a long one, spanning many generations. I was taught at a very young age to never draw within the lines and to always think creatively for myself. After years of being an avid gardener, I heard the earth calling to me. I found throwing clay was the perfect medium to watch things grow. During a trip to Italy, I was mesmerized by the seventeenth-century Italian carving technique called graffito. People tell me they see all cultures represented in my work and ask me where my inspiration comes from. I tell them it is from a lifetime of observing the world around me.

It is always surprising to me how freeing clay is. Unlike all the previous mediums I have worked in, I no longer make patterns or drawings. I design as I carve, following the lead of my hands. The black slip silently falls away and reveals the beauty of the white porcelain below. Flowers, waves, and ribbons seem to magically appear before my eyes.

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