Patricia Kochaver
Skokie, IL

As a longtime wheel-thrower, I eventually moved from mostly utilitarian ware to forms created for the sake of pushing form. Function was secondary. Each change in curve and direction is intentional to create a piece with balance, volume and nuance, while always keeping in mind the potential for expressive surfaces.

Saggar firing is the way I like to work these surfaces, pushing pattern and abstract imagery using only carbon, masking materials and metal salts. These materials that I apply on the surfaces of the pieces and interior of the saggars are chosen because of the color, line, flashing and masking effects they provide. There is little certainty in this type of sawdust firing, so I work instinctively using knowledge from previous firings with an experimental approach. Each firing reveals new information which begs for further exploration, generating an endless cycle of inspiration.


Saggar Fired Stoneware, with metal salts and carbon. 6” x 11.5”. Retail Value: $375.

Artist will donate 50% of the proceeds from the sale of this piece.

You will be redirected to this artist’s online store. Transactions, communications and shipping arrangements are the sole responsibility of the artist and buyer.

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