Artist Spotlights: Kathleen Dustin and Muffy Young

Kathleen Dustin

World-traveler Kathleen Dustin creates wearable art pieces inspired by the amazing places she has seen. She is especially moved by the stages of life and material culture of women. Her focus on statement jewelry is to emphasize the use of color and intricate hand-detailed texture within alternative materials. Dustin’s work has won numerous awards and been featured in museums across the country.

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Muffy Young

Muffy Young has practiced weaving and hand-dying since 1978, specializing in beautiful scarves and shawls. Her loom is unique in that it has 24 harnesses instead of the usual four or eight, and this allows her to design highly complex structures with intriguing variations in scale, texture, and motif. She is highly acclaimed in her field, having won numerous awards during her years as a national exhibitor.

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