Artist Spotlights: Kelly Marshall and Fred Kaemmer

Kelly Marshall

Fiber Decorative

Kelly Marshall creates hand-woven textiles for both homes and commercial settings. Her pieces are crafted using the Scandinavian rep weave technique which results in the vibrant colors and historical patterns that are present in her work. Marshall’s textural pieces include rugs, wall-hangings, upholstery, and throws, all made of luminous cotton and linen textiles.

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Fred Kaemmer

Known for his use of unorthodox techniques, Fred Kaemmer creates beautiful hand-blown glass vessels. His goal when creating these pieces is to reach a balance between serendipity and control. Kaemmer’s focus on the process, rather than the result, has led him to discover new ways of glass blowing that highlight the natural colors of the vessels and the way they interact to create new patterns. Kaemmer was trained at UW-River Falls before opening his own studio over ten years ago.

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