Artist Spotlights: Candone Wharton and Robert Farrell

Candone Wharton


Award-winning ceramic artist Candone Wharton has been working with Raku, a type of traditional Japanese pottery, for over forty years. She creates each piece from slabs and coils that have been pre-flattened, and then utilizes a variety of tools to carve her unique textures. Each one of her pieces is made from layers of these intricate coils.

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Robert Farrell

Fascinated by antiques and old toys, and inspired by late 19th-century agricultural architecture, Robert Farrell creates non-functional art for the wall and tabletop. The structures of his pieces are fabricated from sterling silver, ground-glass enamel on copper, and 23k gold leaf and are crafted almost entirely by hand with only the simplest tools. His most recent collection aims to elicit an emotional response of nostalgia, as evidenced by the historical influences.

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