Artist Spotlights: Ashley Buchanan and Sebastian Coleman

Ashley Buchanan

Jewelry artist Ashley Buchanan concentrates her work on hand-pierced, powder coated jewelry that focuses on image, pattern and decoration in order to reference ornamentation and historical jewelry. Her work is unique in that she utilizes a color palette of almost exclusively grays, black, and white, with the occasional pop of yellow. Her goal is to create wearable pieces of jewelry that speak to the past, present and future of Craft.

Sebastian Coleman

Sebastian Coleman is a second-generation glass blower, as both of his parents were professionals in the craft. He has won numerous awards from exhibitions and fairs across the country for his thought-provoking pieces. Sebastian’s work is mainly concerned with color, texture, and balancing negative and positive space in order to distort perfection. Much of his work is inspired by the natural and biological processes in the world around him.

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