Artist Spotlights: Pong Gaddi and Lenore Rae Lampi

Pong Gaddi


Pong Gaddi began learning the art of leather-working as a child in the Philippines, where grade school children were taught how to make and weave baskets. Since then, his work has evolved into true hand-weaving of individually hand-cut, edge-thinned, and edge-dyed leather strips to create a seamless finish. Though Pong’s work appears very modern, there are still traditional influences on each of his pieces.

Lenore Rae Lampi


Lenore Lampi is a ceramic artist whose work often emulates the look of birch bark, or as she sometimes calls it, “tree skin.” She was an art teacher for over twenty years, and during that time she developed her own unique methods of firing and creating glazes. Lenore’s work is both sculptural and functional, and though it may look realistic, the real joy in her art is in the movement of form and surface.

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