Josh Simpson
Shelburne Falls, MA

Josh Simpson Contemporary Glass

Glass is the most amazing material. It can transmit, bend, magnify, diminish, capture and enhance the light around it. It is virtually the only material whose shadow and even edges have vibrant color. I have been a glassmaker and artist for 50 years.  My work includes imaginary planets, vessels and sculptural work.  Each piece is connected to every other, by either obvious physical traits or conceptual threads – usually involving scientific or astronomical themes.  I formulate, mix and melt my own colors. Using traditional tools and ancient hand blowing techniques, I explore new ways to express in glass the ideas that fascinate me about the natural world, especially deep space and the cosmology of the universe.

A 50th retrospective book about Simpson’s work will be published in April 2022, and a 50th retrospective exhibition will open in October 2022. More details as they become available, at

ACE Awards:
2002 – Best of Glass
2005 – Hospital Purchase Award
2007 – Honorable Mention

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