Ann Klem
Fisherville, KY

Ann Klem Reflections, LLC

Inspired by science fiction, black holes and nature’s processes, my creations start with an idea and a design. Then comes the cut, cast, fold, grind, and polish. My creations give me a chance to explore the fluid forms of glass and how colors react with each other. I enjoy the challenge melting or combining glass provides because it often has its own idea of where to go and how to behave.

Often beginning by creating the “block of glass” either in the kiln or by laminating pieces together, I cold-work the block to create the final sculpture. Other pieces are created by casting the glass in the kiln by allowing the glass to flow into a plaster mold. Folding glass is accomplished with multiple kiln firings and sandblastings to a single sheet of glass.

Winner of the ACE 2019 Hospital Purchase Award



Artist will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale of “Tres Hermanas.” “Three Sisters” are solid glass obelisks, each a bit different, measuring 3”x11.5”x3”. Made of cast and cold-worked glass. Retail value: $3,800.

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