Alexander Fekete
Coudersport, PA

alex fekete glass

Glass can fascinate by the ability to contain light and reverse plasticity. Optical transparency, translucency and inner glow, needless to say broad expressive potential and bottomless variety of forms arising from its fluidity leave not much to be desired. What may have seen as counterintuitive in the early days of my exploits, thick walls and absence of color gained acceptance through obsessive pursuit of the Form. Focus on Form has been so absorbing as to leave some unique qualities associated with glass, brilliant colors and shine especially, past the horizons of interest. Resulting objects are abstract, visually balanced, delineated by minimal representation of form and volumes. The use of negative space and precarious placement of pebbles imply visual tension.

Frequently employed techniques are glass blowing, cutting, carving, sandblasting and spot polishing. Deeply rooted in sketching, ensuing exploration is direct, hands on in hot shop. Imagine, explore, refine. Repeat.

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