Carol Jackson
Eugene, OR

Carol Jackson Furniture

With a palette of warm wood tones, satin-finished aluminum and ebonized ash, I create contemporary tables and benches, often with a touch of asymmetry. Unique contemporary designs, clean elegant lines and exquisite materials are the hallmarks of my furniture. My work combines aluminum with fine woods, sometimes as aluminum inlays in wood table tops, sometimes as part of a table base structure and sometimes as an abstract design where aluminum is revealed through a pattern of small drilled holes.

After a 25-year career in software engineering, I earned a Master of Architecture degree with an emphasis on furniture design. I combined that training with decades of woodworking experience to start my furniture work in 2015. I craft each piece of furniture myself, at a pace that allows me to strive for perfection. As a furniture designer and maker, I am motivated by the thrill and challenge of creating something beautiful that is new and unique. No other experience comes close.

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