Eben Blaney
Edgecomb, ME

Eben Blaney Furniture

I design my furniture and decor items to be relatively spare, yet also elegant and, in the case of my furniture, functionally useful. My design process involves a great deal of subtraction—the paring away of excess mass or unnecessary elements that don’t complement or serve the main thrust, dramatic gesture or function of the piece. The resulting structures are angular, some rectilinear, some with gentle curves. I use traditional hand tools in combination with modern machinery to shape and join components precisely focusing on creating interesting compositions of negative and positive space, harmonious lines and a sense of lightness.  Where appropriate, I join pieces using exposed tenons, pegs and splines to lend selective visual interest and help express the piece’s structure. I often add color and utilize certain combinations of woods within a piece, carefully selecting and using the most beautiful hardwoods available.

After many years of building my contemporary furniture designs, I have begun producing wall sculptures too. I am presently in the midst of producing several new, hand-carved works for a summer/fall show at the nearby Coastal Botanical Gardens Cafe in Boothbay Maine. I will have many images soon of these pieces that are different than, but complementary to my more spare furniture pieces.

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