Mark Titus Diebolt & Sharon Hammill Diebolt
Rochester, NY

Hammill/Diebolt Studio

We are always amazed at the inherent beauty of wood. We are especially fascinated in working with veneers, first because many of the most figured and exotic woods are available only in this form, but also because of the unique technical and design challenges presented to us when working with these fragile layers. Our approach to each new design is much like a painter’s approach to an empty palette, starting with an initial idea and then adding more and more details as the piece evolves. Sometimes the nature of the figure in the veneer dictates the design path we will take.   From the beginning process of bending and shaping the veneer to the addition of the delicate details, each piece becomes an evolving sculpture. When we apply the final finish to the completed work, the figure and colors of the wood come alive and the details we have added are instantly enhanced; each final piece is different from the last and is a continual source of joy and surprise.

A husband and wife team of wood artisans for almost 40 years!

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