Artist Spotlights: Richard Haining, Pavel Novak and Deborah Cross

ACE 2018 is just two weeks away (September 21-23)! If you’re wondering who will be exhibiting at this year’s ACE, look no further! Below we’ve highlighted three more artists that you’ll want to add to your “must see” list. Presented by the Auxiliary of NorthShore University HealthSystem, ACE 2018 will support NorthShore’s mental health initiatives, including the creation of a Psychiatric Urgent Care Program which will allow patients to get the help they need as soon as they need it. We look forward to seeing you at the magnificent Chicago Botanic Garden September 21 – 23.

Richard Haining
In a world that tends to covet newness and longs for instant gratification, Richard’s work finds value in the exact opposite. Influenced by the over-abundance of scrap wood being thrown out in local wood shops, Haining salvages these “waste” materials to use in his work. Whether it be a vessel, a sculpture, a table or a light, the ritual of creating unique objects from previously discarded materials makes a powerful statement about what we consider valuable and desirable. Richard’s hope is that his work will inspire mindfulness and appreciation for materials often overlooked. Learn More About ACE Wood Craftspeople

Pavel Novak
Pavel was born in the Czech Republic, a country with a long tradition of beautiful glass made with impeccable craftsmanship. Living and working in America, Pavel’s sculptures and jewelry exemplify that tradition. He uses the highest grade of optical glass which is ground, polished, laminated, colored, and sand blasted. Pieces that will become jewelry are combined with sterling silver that has been hand fabricated. Each piece is unique and a result of hours of labor. Learn More About ACE Glass Craftspeople

Deborah Cross
Fiber Wearables
The force behind Deborah’s clothing collection is the manipulation of color and texture. Inspired by this unique dynamic of texture and color, each collection is one element of an extended process of examining and rethinking her previous design decisions. Deborah strives for an architectural feminine and modern feel that transcends seasonal trends and has universal appeal. Learn More About ACE Fiber Wearable Artists

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