Artist Profile: Terri Logan

A long time children’s art therapist, Terri Logan, encountered a love for her craft when she first enrolled in jewelry class. She was then drawn to working with torches as it made her feel connected with her late father. Her artistic path first led her to co-major in sculpture and child psychology, but when the economy took a down turn, she decided to graduate early with a BA in Sculpture. Later, she was reunited with her passion for art and psychology in her clinical graduate degree, a MAT, Master of Art Therapy. As she says, “Becoming a metal smith was less than a direct path for me.”

Terri Logan

Each piece of Terri’s artwork is made from metal and river stones that she hand picks herself. The jewelry itself can be summarized into four categories: organic, industrial, tribal and reduction, each of which has a post modern and abstract influence that the material dictates above all. By nature, working with river stones and metal is both organic, the stones, and industrial, the metal.

Her artwork employs an innate force of life and energy that’s found in the material. In this sense, her jewelry pieces are great therapy for those having lost a loved one or for those battling illnesses like breast or ovarian cancer.

Terri Logan black stone earrings and ring

Terri Logan has appeared at numerous art shows across the county, including The American Craft Exposition (ACE) and recently spoke at the kick-off event to ACE. Gus Rodriguez, MD, also spoke about his incredible research in ovarian cancer research where he seeks to develop an effective pharmacologic approach to preventing ovarian cancer. Funds raised at ACE benefit Dr. Rodriguez’s ground-breaking research.

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  1. I LOVE the jewelry created by Terry Logan. Does Ms Logan lead classes, workshops, or anything that I could learn from her? I am very interested in learning more about jewelry design. I am a designer that has worked primarily in graphic and web design but have started taking jewelry classes. Thank you in advance.

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