Three Tips for ACEing this Year’s Artist Application

Applications for the American Craft Exposition (ACE) 2017 are now open, so be sure to make the most of your submission by considering the following three tips:


  1. Utilize High-Quality Photographs

As part of the application, artists are required to submit five images of their work to be considered by the jury. When choosing your photographs, please ensure that they look professional, not like they were taken on your kitchen table with an iPhone. You want to display your work in the best possible lighting, and using a higher quality camera is recommended to achieve this effect. When uploading your photos to the application form, take care that they are submitted as high-resolution images. Remember, booth display images are not allowed in the application for ACE.

  1. Display Recent Work

It may be tempting to submit a piece of art from years past, especially if you feel it will be popular with the jury, but it is actually more to your advantage to submit works of art that you have created more recently. You want to show the jury the kind of art that you plan to display at the exhibition. It can be misleading to submit work that is not representative of the body of work you intend to exhibit and doing so will ultimately hinder your chances of being accepted to the show.

  1. Don’t Give Up!

Even if you are not accepted to the show this year, be sure to keep applying! The jury pool changes each year, and though they try to be as objective as possible when reviewing candidates, individual preferences can determine what type of art is accepted to the show. If your work is not to the jury’s taste this year, next year’s group may just love it!


If you are new to ACE or to art exhibitions in general, you may want to consider our Emerging Artists category. This option was created to encourage the participation of craftspeople who are just beginning their careers, and is open to those who have been practicing their art for less than six years and who have never exhibited at ACE. Remember that if you do choose this option, you must do so exclusively as you will be juried separately from the standard applications. Accepted Emerging Artists will be able to share a large booth in order to reduce expenses.


We encourage you to utilize these tips to ensure that your application is given the highest possible consideration by our jury. You deserve the best chance to display your art at the American Craft Exposition!

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