Remembering What’s Important

Back in May, the American Craft Exposition Co-Chairs, Barb Weiss and Sue Levin, attended the Ovarian Cancer Survivors Course at NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore) to support women who attended the conference.

“I was amazed and encouraged to see some survivors with their spouses, some with their daughters, and some alone,” said Levin. “I spoke to a husband and wife from outside Detroit and another from Indiana. They came to the course because they hail from a remote area with few choices in terms of health care.”

Good healthcare is hard to find. But this year’s survivorship course featured many of the great physicians at NorthShore who showcased their research. Peter J. Hulick, MD, spoke on hereditary cancer associated with gynecological cancer. Gustavo Rodriguez, MD, is striving to develop an effective pharmacological strategy for ovarian cancer prevention. Carolyn Kirschner, MD, spoke on palliative care of the woman with cancer.

“The Ovarian Cancer Survivors Course not only gave them up-to-the-minute research information in terms of treatment, but also a support system with other survivors with whom they could exchange information, feelings and fears,” remarked Weiss.

It’s clear that ACE doesn’t just support culture and the humanities, and indeed, sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of the true importance of attending an event like ACE: supporting ovarian cancer survivors and furthering innovative research to prevent ovarian cancer. Because of readers like you, NorthShore is helping to prevent ovarian cancer through groundbreaking research, giving minimally invasive surgery and helping to better understand why tumors grow and cancers occur.

 Proceeds from this year’s ACE go towards Dr. Rogriguez’s monumental research in ovarian cancer prevention.

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