PBS’s CRAFT IN AMERICA to feature 2 ACE Artists

Two ACE jewelers will be featured in the second season of PBS “Craft in America,” which will air in fall 2009! David and Roberta Williamson of Berea, Ohio will be part of Episode V, “Process”:

David and Roberta Williamson, Insect Collection, 2004, courtesy PBS

David and Roberta Williamson, Insect Collection, 2004, courtesy PBS

Episode V: Process
In a fast-track, high-tech, drag-and-drop world, what inspires a person to choose a career in craft and how do they go about acquiring the knowledge and necessary skills? What makes an established professional give up everything to make a 180-degree turn to the arts in mid-career? What educational opportunities are available for people of all stages of life who harbor the desire to learn a craft?

…We will take the viewer where craft is practiced on different levels, from those who are self-taught to those who pursue formal study; from avocation to education in college and at the university level; from apprenticeships to craft schools. Then we will follow them into the world and see where they take their educations, and, ultimately, demonstrate their importance and value to society.

via Craft In America / 991 Second Season of the Peabody-Award Winning PBS series CRAFT IN AMERICA in Production.

For more information about the Williamsons and to watch a video preview of their story on PBS, click here.

ADDENDUM (6/25/09]: Another ACE Artist, Cliff Lee, has also been featured on CRAFT IN AMERICA. To learn more about Lee and see a video excerpt, click here.

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  1. This is so exciting!! Look for the Williamsons’ demonstration at the American Craft Exposition on Friday, August 28th.

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