Meet the 2012 Blogger!

Hi there! I’m Rachel and I’ll be your ACE Blogger/craft guide for the 2012 exposition. I’ll keep you updated on emerging artists, special events, ovarian cancer research and so much more! 

While my interest in craft is varied and crosses all sorts of boundaries, my favorite medium is wood. I’m fascinated by how artists can feel and work with the grain, shaving off a little piece at a time until they have a beautifully sculpted, one-of-a-kind piece that no one else– not a single other person – has in the world.

Crafts themselves, outside of collecting purposes like for home decor, interest me as useful commodities. But unlike massed produced items that roll down assembly lines, craft artists work hard to make their piece original. They also tend to leave part of themselves in their art. 

Artists that exhibit at ACE are proud of their work – and they should be! I can’t help but feel more connected to a piece, such as a wooden bowl, when I know that sweat and soul has gone into it. By purchasing useful art from craft shows like ACE, we’re helping artists make a livable wage while they do work they are passionate about.

And here’s my favorite thing about ACE: Proceeds from the show support ovarian cancer research at NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore).

I can’t wait to show you all what new and exciting things we have planned for this year’s American Craft Exposition. You’ll get to read Q&As from ACE artists to learn more about their background, artist intent and artwork, and you’ll also get to learn how physicians at NorthShore are making great strides in ovarian cancer research.

It’s bound to be a great time and I hope you’ll join me not only at the show in late August, but also here at the blog! Now that you know all about me, I want to hear whatyour interests in American-made crafts are!

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