Hello Fellow Patrons of the Arts!

I am pleased to act as the blogger for ACE 2011. We are going to have a great show this year and I look forward to engaging you in all our exciting news as we count down until August! In the next couple months I plan on sharing with you one on one interviews with artists, researchers, and information about the latest trends in the art industry. Furthermore, I hope to help you better understand where the funds raised from this year’s ACE are going and more about the Auxiliary’s initiatives. I encourage all our readers to engage in this year’s blog and look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions as to what you would like to know as ACE 2011 approaches.
If you have not already had the opportunity to learn more about me and my connection to ACE and the Auxiliary’s fundraising mission, please check out the February ACE Newsletter or our recent story in TribLocal!


Damiana Andonova

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