Frequently Asked Questions by Applying Artists

Calling all artists – Applications for ACE 2015 are open! Have some questions about this year’s ACE and/or the application process? Read below and see if we have the answer to your question!

  1. How do I apply? How long will applications be open? And when will I find out if I’ve been accepted?

Artists can apply online through Juried Art Services. The deadline to submit your application is March 6th. Late applications will be accepted at a higher cost through March 16th.

Email notification of the jury’s decision will be sent no later than March 31, 2015. Contractual information will be sent by regular mail to all artists who have been accepted or waitlisted.

Click here to access the application!

  1. Is this an indoor or outdoor show? And is the indoor space close/connected to the outdoor space?

ACE is being held at the world-renowned Chicago Botanic Garden where both indoor and outdoor space is available. The outdoor exhibitors will be under a beautiful large tent with lighting and the entire show flows together with indoor and outdoor space fully connected and covered.

  1. DSC_9412Inside vs outside booths – How many are available in each and will certain artists get to be inside?

Approximately 55% of the booths at Chicago Botanic Garden are outside. While we cannot guarantee placement in a particular location, we do recognize and are aware that certain artists and specific work requires more climate-controlled conditions.

  1. Where exactly is the show at CBG?

ACE will be centered around the Regenstein Center, which is in the center of the Chicago Botanic Garden. To better visualize the space, click here to see the Garden Map.

  1. How much does a booth cost? And what is included in the booth fee?

Booth fees range from $1,200-2,275 depending on size and location. Emerging Artist booth fees are $600. Included in the booth fee are electricity (one outlet with usage not to exceed 500 watts unless otherwise noted), booth sitters, exhibitor hospitality room with light refreshments, two artist badges per booth, and Preview Party participation.

  1. Is electricity available and does it cost extra?

Yes, 500 watts of electricity (unless otherwise noted) are included in the cost of the booth fee. Unfortunately, additional wattage will not be available.

  1. Do I have to bring my own booth equipment?

Artists are welcome to bring their own booth equipment. Alternatively, they may rent booth equipment from our exposition company. Booth equipment order forms will be sent to participating exhibitors in the summer of 2015.

  1. How far is the load in area from the actual booth space? Will there be helpers to assist artists that need assistance? Will there be dollies available?

The load-in area is a short walk from the booth spaces. There will be helpers with dollies to help those artists requiring assistance.

  1. Do I qualify as an Emerging Artist?

The Emerging Artist category is open only to those who have been practicing their craft for less than six years and who have never exhibited at ACE. If you choose to apply as an Emerging Artist, you must do so exclusively. The application procedure and fees are the same as all other categories, however those applying in the Emerging Artist category will be juried separately from other applicants. Those who are accepted will share a large booth space with other Emerging Artists, thereby reducing their booth expense. Click here to send in your application!


  1. Are artists invited to the Preview Party?

Yes, artists are invited to the Preview Party! They are required to be in their booth the evening of the Preview Party as we strongly encourage interaction with Preview Party attendees. Artists are welcome to all Preview Party refreshments.

  1. Are artists allowed to bring items from a different category other than that in which they were juried in under?

An artist may bring up to 10% of items from a different category; however, the different items MUST BE done in the same media. For example, an artist who was juried in under the furniture category may bring wood jewelry. Any artist interested in bringing items from a different category must include one slide of this work in their application.

Please feel free to contact us at should you have any additional questions!

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  1. Can you be more specific about the booth fees? Will an inside booth cost more? Will the outdoor booths be under large tents?


    1. Post

      Hi Sandra,

      Thank you for reaching out! The booth fees will be dependent upon the size of the booth and yes, outdoor booths will be covered. Artists will be given the opportunity to submit their top four choices for booth spaces upon returning their contract. Space preferences will be honored upon the order in which the contracts are received.

  2. Can you be more specific on how much space you will be allowed in the emerging artist category? Sharing a large space is rather vague. Specifically, my booth is designed for a
    10 x 10 foot space.

    Thank you,

    1. Post

      Hi Audrey,

      Thank you for reaching out!

      Once the large space is divided each emerging artist has about a 6’ x 5’ space.

      Please feel free to email us directly with any additional questions.

  3. The new venue sounds beautiful! I do have a question about electricity and lighting. I am a bit concerned about the 500 watt maximum for booth lighting as I always use 1000 watts. Is there lots of existing lighting in the Regenstein Center? What about the tents?
    Thank you!

    1. Post

      Hi Melanie,

      There will be lighting in all of the rooms and tents but it will be standard room lighting (not fluorescent). Unfortunately we are limited to 500 watts per booth and will not be able to provide additional wattage.

      Thank you!

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