Felt Inventions

“What I put in my art is my soul, what I have in my soul.”

– Liumilda Sherrer

 The story of Liudmila Sherrer is one of many that reminds us that art has no language barriers. A graduate from an architectural academy in Russia, Liumilda immigrated to Atlanta, Georgia in 2006. She brought with her a wealth of art inspiration and creativity.

Geometric patterns and interesting color scheme makes this a wearing piece of art.

Liumilda has been painting and drawing since she was a four-year-old and remembers her early introduction to her love of fabric and textiles. “I remember in Russia, during kindergarten,” she says, “there were demonstrations in making felt boots, actual normal boots.”

She rediscovered felting in 2007 and attributes her love for felting to her teenage dream of owning a clothing store. “I never had the chance, but I tried different media to make clothing and when I discovered felting I couldn’t stop.”  With a true passion for the craft, Liumilda enjoys challenges in felting and wants to create wearable art that is unique.

Essential to felting, she describes, is wool, heat, moisture, and a lot of physical labor.  Sherrer makes scarves that are very thin and give the wearer “textile pleasure”.  Embedded silk and geometric patterns are her hallmark.  She says she wants “to make wearable art, combine comfort and design that is good to touch and drapes very well.”

This lariat is simple in color, yet elegant and complex in form.

Sherrer finds inspiration from everything around her, but she also likes to use photos she takes from her travels as ideas for color combinations.  When not traveling or making art in her own home studio, she lives in Atlanta with her husband and dog.

Her first show was the American Craft Council in Baltimore, MD where she remembers everyone commenting that her work was “so beautiful.”  She looks forward to ACE 2011 and hopes her art will find new homes.

Embedded are various silks. Notice the geometric lines, folds and shapes--that make this a flowing piece.

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