Did you check out the latest episode of Craft in America?

We’ve all been moved by art, and this recent episode, “Messages,”  highlights several artists who are driven by tragedy to use their craft to inspire change. If you missed the show when it originally aired on Tuesday, May 24 on PBS, be sure to check it out online!

After watching, come back to the ACE blog and share your reactions!

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  1. I did catch the latest episode, and I was pleased to see Thomas Mann, who I have seen at ACE for the past two years. Last year he looked a little tired and crabby, so I didn’t want to tell him how much I enjoy his work; he hears that all the time, and then people don’t buy anything. Compliments are nice, but…
    I was interested to hear that he missed the hurricane in 2005, because he was at a craft fair in Chicago; I was wondering if it was ACE?
    Looking forward to the ACE this year, and hoping that I can actually engage Mr. Mann in some meaningful dialogue.
    Thanks for ACE, and best of luck to your organization.

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