Elaine Unzicker
Ojai, CA


As a child, I was taught to be quiet and not express myself even though I noticed creativity flowing through my grandmother’s fingers in the form of quilt-making. I find my voice when I create art. I enter a meditative state in the intricate linking of chain mail one ring at a time. When knitted with thin metal wire and small rings this masculine, war-like material becomes extremely soft. I create seductive, wearable objects combining jewelry techniques with the chain mail to caress the female body. To lay the transparent veil of chain mail on a woman invokes a sense of security and a feeling of empowerment. It represents the ceremony of ritual taken on for a specific event. I look to Alexander McQueen as fashion and art merge in his performance like fashion shows.

Published in “Intersection Art & Life” by Kevin Wallace 2018 and exhibited at SOFA Chicago the same year.

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