Pong Gaddi
Buffalo, NY

In my crafts, I bring into play my engineering background in a multi-variable medium like leather to create simple but functional and efficient designs that last a long time. I generally use natural veg-tanned leathers because these age beautifully as my creations are used. I put a great deal of effort in executing the details in my work such as: a) the “12:00-to-6:00” straight stitching which I personally developed and the use of polyester thread and a four-times undersized needle for strength and durability; b) the very narrow binding for a sharp and refined look; c) for the woven pieces, the old and traditional way of hand-weaving strips which I individually hand-cut, edge-thin, edge-dye, and/or fold for a tight and squared weave and a seamless finish; d) the inside fabric or leather lining that I fuse and laminate to the main leather material; and e) the hand-finishing which may be tedious but enhances the natural patina and beauty of leather.

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