Ann Brauer
Ashfield, MA

Ann Brauer Quilt Studio

My quilts are memories of landscapes and color that create abstract wall hangings that are at once modern and yet tied to tradition. They tell stories of place, inspiration and hope. I want the viewer to return to the art often to find new stories and questions in the patterns of the fabrics and intricacies of the design and colors and yet at the same time feel a sense of sureness and ease in the art. Construction matters. To create my quilts, I piece thin strips of fabric onto the back with each addition determining the next one almost like a jazz composition. I then define the quilt by intensely machine quilting it free hand to give more substance and texture. I take pride in technical perfection and the hand of the artist but I also seek a freedom and spontaneity in my art. I am constantly thinking of new images and colorways I just have to try.  I love what I do and hope that my quilts reflect my amazement with the world around us while also allowing us to find the calm we crave.

I want to try and create a few images relating to the Botanic Garden and Lake Michigan.

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