Ann Arbor Art Fairs organizers, participants try to keep sunny outlook despite economy – Ann Arbor News – The Latest News, Blogs, Photos & Videos –

ACE artist James Eaton quoted in the Ann Arbor News:

Chicago-based sculptor James Eaton, whose weathervanes and whirligigs have been featured in the fair for nearly 20 years, confessed to feeling hesitant about coming to Michigan now, when the state’s unemployment rates and poor economy have received national attention. “Partially it’s a reflex type of thing to keep going back,” Eaton said. “I honestly don’t know what to expect this year.Because of the nature of my business selling expensive pieces, frankly, one or two people could show up and make a huge difference. And that kind of happened last year. It wasn’t what I would call a tremendously successful show, but financially, it was just fine.”

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