A Recap of The American Craft Council Show

ACE 2014 Co-Chairs, Susan White and Debbie Hulick, and 2015 Chairs Debbie Kerr and Liz Dauten recently visited the American Craft Council Show in Baltimore. During their trip, they both enjoyed discovering new trends, meeting new artists and viewing exquisite pieces.

One trend that jumped out at both Susan and Debbie was “Going Green.” They came across many artists embracing the use of recycled materials to create one-of-a-kind pieces that truly stood out amongst the rest. One artist, who will be exhibiting at ACE this year, used Tyvek and FedEx envelopes to create fun, edgy jackets. Another artist used recycled copper and steel to create bowls and sculptures.

For Susan and Debbie, the best part about visiting another show was the opportunity to speak with new and emerging artists about ACE. Debbie was able to gather new ideas on how to promote ACE and its artists by speaking to other artists about their experiences. They both encouraged emerging artists to apply to ACE, and with the help of Ashley Buchanan (an emerging artist and award winner from ACE 2013), they were able to increase the number of emerging artists that applied to this year’s show.

Ashley Buchanan

Inside & Out by Ashley Buchanan

Among Susan’s favorite pieces from the show were Devta Doolan’s new work, which incorporates meteorite and David Paul Bacharach’s large sculptural pieces. Debbie’s favorite pieces were that of ceramicist Thomas Marrinson, who makes vibrant colored bowls and will exhibit at ACE for the first time this year.

Devta Doolan

Jasper Necklace by Devta Doolan


Overall, the trip to the American Craft Council Show was a success as the ACE 2014 Co-Chairs were able to catch up with artists who have exhibited at ACE, encourage new artists to apply and see some of the finest craftsmanship around.

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