2019 ACE Artist Spotlight: Nancy Kubale, North Carolina

Nancy Kubale introduces people to her multi-dimensional clay works through a simple sticker that she puts on all of her packaging.

That sticker says: “Because it needs to be said. Because my soul, my bones, my being, say ‘Make the work. Make the work that matters. Put an idea into the world.’”

Nancy’s clay artistry didn’t develop until after she finished art school. It was then that she found pottery fascinating and needed to learn how to make it. She’s excited to bring this craft to the festive, artistic atmosphere of the American Craft Expo (ACE) at the Chicago Botanic Gardens this year, surrounded by other creatives.
Proceeds from ACE 2019 fund psychiatric care at NorthShore University HealthSystem—something Nancy is passionate about. “In this complicated day and age, mental health services are over-needed and under-funded. My work even touches on some of these issues – see my series titled ‘An Examined Life.’”
Revel in more of Nancy’s work on her website, or you can join her in person at the American Craft Exposition on September 20-22, 2019 at the Chicago Botanic Garden. 

Tickets to ACE 2019 are available here.

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