Craft for a Cause

Since 2003, when the Craft for a Cause program began, artists have donated more than $135,000 for research at NorthShore University HealthSystem (NorthShore).¬†Check back in July for a list of this year’s Craft for a Cause¬†participants!

Connie Bates
Booth 352

Geoff Buddie and Chris Rom
Booth 501

Namu Cho
Booth 207

Nell Devitt
Booth 328

Sharon and Mark Diebolt
Booth 203

Betsy Giberson
Booth 303

Christina Goodman
Booth 307

Valerie Hector
Booth 415

Patti and Dave Hegland
Booth 302

Jim Keller
Booth 508

Ewa Kielczewska
Booth 339

Janice Kissinger
Booth 524

Ken Loeber and Dona Look
Booth 421

Kelly Marshall
Booth 340

David Norton
Booth 422

Toshiki and Maryszka Osaki
Booth 424

Gina Pannorfi
Booth 519

Jim Sams
Booth 217

Mary Ellen Sisulak
Booth 227

Chris Triola
Booth 223

Mel Tudisco
Booth 205

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