Hey, Craft Lovers, did you just see that I turned ACE into a verb? That’s how exciting this show is going to be this year!

ACE is here! That’s right, today the Collector’s Hour followed by the Preview Party will set the tone and stage for the 2012 American Craft Exposition! Over the past few days I’ve gotten plenty of calls from both artists and attendees alike sharing their enthusiasm about the upcoming show. I’ve even heard from some artists who are already gearing up for next year’s show!

While ACE is a great time to look at fine, museum-like quality crafts, it’s also a time to honor, remember and recognize those who have been touched by Gus Rodriguez’s amazing work in ovarian cancer research. If you’re touched, too, you can always make a gift in his honor to help further and advance his research.

We have so many great free special events for you throughout the weekend:
      Booth Talks from three ACE artists who will share their talent and demonstrate their skills;
      Emerging Artist Gallery where you can view the work of 10 of America’s most promising new craftsmen;
      Fashion Show on Saturday, August 25 at 2:00 p.m. on the Craft in Action stage where ovarian cancer  
      survivors and other special guests will model ACE wearables, jewelry and accessories.

I can’t wait to see you all there starting tonight with the Collector’s Hour and Preview Party. Come on by, eat some amazing food while looking at some amazing crafts!

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  1. I have been trying to locate photos of the booths at the ACE 2012 show. I work with Alan Daigre, who was one of the artist at the show. Unfortunately he did not take any photos of the booth, and I am curious if there are any out there to be found.
    Thank you for your time. -evan

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