Martha Collins
Carlsborg, WA

Studio Martha Collins

My passion is to create personal, meaningful works of art with the natural color and grains of exotic hardwoods and artist hand dyed maple veneer.   I “weave” wood into fabric like patterns, reminiscent of bead work or needlepoint.  Sustainable woods from around the world are used. Chatke Viga is a vibrant orange, Kingwood a striped purple; Lacewood & White Oak add texture with their dramatic grain patterns.  A 3-inch bowl can have 1,200 individual pieces of wood in it.  A block is laminated using 12 different species of wood and artist dyed veneer.  The block is re-sawed at .030 thick. 25 slices of laminated material are stacked, shifted and re-laminated to create the different patterns.  The new shifted block is turned on the lathe to reveal its beauty & movement.   The Helical Mosaic design has a precise pattern of movement throughout, the Linear Mosaic design is a woven fabric of wood & the Bold Mosaic is visually dramatic with its larger mosaic pieces.

Winner of the ACE 2018 Hospital Purchase Award

2019 Best New Artist to the Show, Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show

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